Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good morning. Jason has been on a roll this morning. I think he is starting to get used to the cast. He is scooting and crawling all over the house. He is going to have some strong arms after these next 4 weeks! He is also pulling up on the couch and table. In a lot of ways it like seeing a baby learn how to roll over, pull-up, know how it goes.

Here are my little monsters this morning.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jasons Big Blue BooBoo

Thought I would update you on Jason's latest progress. Monday after coming home from the doctor's office we spent the day riding around on the mule and just hanging out. Mom has been helping out a lot (because she is the best) and we have been switching out the boys since Jason needs pretty much full attention. He is milking it for all its worth too! That evening Ryan came over to see J and to check out his cast. We were able to give Jason a bath together and the boys enjoyed playing with their cars and trains with Dad. Reece ended up staying over at my parents last night since he was being a late night owl and I crashed when Jason went to sleep because I wasn't sure what the night would be like. He slept till about 4:30 this morning. When he would get situated in my bed I brought him downstairs and we watched The Little Engine That Could. Jason watched it and then fell asleep at the end of the movie and we snoozed till about 8 on the couch.

Once up and at them we had breakfast, went for a walk, played with toys over at grandmas and then Reece and I came home to take a nap. This afternoon we made a trip to wal-mart to get out of the house. Jason spotted a teenage girl who was also wearing a light blue cast. It was kind of funny that he noticed it. This evening the boys were pretty worn out and on edge. After several trips to time out the boys finally got it together. Jason and I came home and I cleaned him up and then for the last two hours we have been watching Cars. He loved it! I asked him if he liked the movie and he shook his head yes and smiled. Sweet boy (most of the time) he is asleep and I am going to be right behind him hear shortly.

Here are a few pictures from last night when Ryan came to see the boys. This is the first picture I have had of the 3 of them since October. Ryan signed the boys cast first. Today Jason was pointing to where Ryan signed saying "Da-Da". The last picture here was of Jason wearing his "hat". Stinker!

So you might be thinking what do you do with a two year old with a cast on his leg all day long? Well let me show's a litte boring but we are trying to keep him as occupied as possible. Went for a walk this morning, been reading books, played with cars and trains, name it!

...and last but not least here are a few picture of him watching Cars before bedtime.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jason Update...

I am going to make this quick because the boys are asleep and I am so ready to go to sleep since lastnight was a long night. We saw the ortho this morning at 10. Initially he wasn't going to cast him because he said he needed time for swelling to go down and we would leave the splint on since it was already in place. He noticed Jason was tugging on it a lot so he said we could go ahead and check it out. No swelling or bruising so they put the hard cast on. It a full cast on his right leg (light blue). Jason laid on the table like a champ and when they were done he just looked at it and smiled and pointed to his other leg trying to tell us he wanted one on there too. Ha...stinker!

Dr. said he would not need plates or surgery and that it's a fracture to the tibia below the knee. He said it looks like the bones just gave when he landed. Dr. was shocked that he didn't actually hit anything when he fell and that he was on the mat part of the trampoline. He said there is no reason not to let him on the trampoline once recovered as long as the pads are in place and that it has a cage. He said usually it's pretty safe but accidents do happen and this was one of those times. So for all you trampoline haters out there chill out :)

He will leave the cast on for 4 weeks. Dr. said in a few days he will probably start to apply pressure and begin walking with the cast on. I'll update more later. As for the birthday party next week I think I am going to hold off and we will wait till he's all better. I'll be emailing from pingg the changes. Off to bed I go!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ER Trip..

Well summer was off to a nice start but today we had to make our first trip to the ER. After Ryan dropped the boys off they wanted on the trampoline. Yes, the boys got a trampoline for their birthday. It has all of the safety pads, nets, whistles and bells to keep kids from falling off or getting stuck in the springs, but apparently there’s not much you can do if your kid bounces and lands a little funny. Actually it was more of a trip and fall…long story short we have a broken tibia.

Ashley was here thank God and we were actually sitting on the trampoline with the boys when it happened. When Jason fell it was kind of graceful and honestly the fall itself didn’t look bad. He landed on his side and I thought the injury was because he bumped Ashley’s leg. We both heard a noise and I asked Ash “Did he hit you?” and she said “No?” so then I was hoping the noise was when his legs bumped together because one legs fell over on top of the other. (I know you can’t picture it but its playing over and over in my head) He had a different look on his face and I said “maybe he broke something” He let me straighten out his leg and there wasn’t any swelling or bruising that was obvious so we took them inside and gave some juice. About a minute of him crying and grabbing at his knee I knew something wasn’t right and so did Ashley. It wasn’t even a screaming cry so much as it was a pouty something hurts cry.

I said ok off to the ER we go. Then went a little into panic mode because Ryan had just dropped the boys off and the car seats weren’t even installed in the car. So I installed the car seats, Ashley grabbed my shoes and purse and we headed for the ER. On the way there he just held his knee but wasn’t crying so I was leaning towards a sprang or just a funny bump. I called Ryan first thing and he stayed pretty calm which was a relief because I too was holding it together and not freaking out. Had he of been flipping out I too probably would have.

When we got to the ER I went in and there wasn’t anyone there and they took us right in. The nurse looked at it and said she didn’t see any obvious swelling or anything that really stood out, but he would not stand and apply pressure. After the nurse left the dr came in and basically said the exact same thing but ordered an x-ray just to make sure.
When we went back for the x-ray Jason looked scared to death but held my hand and then was just fine. He laid perfectly still for the first two but on the third x-ray they turned him onto his side and the cry was different. You could tell that it caused pain.
After looking at the x-rays (for the knee which is where we thought the problem was) they couldn’t find anything so the dr. advised us to put it in a splint and see an ortho this week. Jason was really pretty content and happy. After the x-ray he had two dum-dum suckers, got a car sticker and enjoyed all the car paintings on the wall. He laid perfectly still on his tummy sucking away as they wrapped up his leg to keep him from bending it. The dr’s and nurses all just continued to talk about happy he was and how he didn’t really seem to be bothered by it.

I checked out and left assuming the dr.’s were right and in a few days all would be better. We got half way across the bridge and I get a phone cal.. “Ms. Williams the radiologist just reviewed the x-rays because we were still concerned that he wasn’t applying pressure and his leg is still broke.” WHAT?!? I stayed pretty calm on the phone but a billion texts were coming through, Reece was signing in the backseat and Jason wanted another sucker so it was hard to keep my focus. All I got from it was to keep the splint on, tibia and call ortho.

When we got home J saw the new train set we had bought at wal-mart for the boys to take to Livingston tomorrow to see Meme & PawPaw so we opened it up and he sat on the floor pretty content playing with the choo-choos. The rest of the evening was spent sitting around and trying to keep him comfortable. I bathed Reece while J hung out with Aunt Ashie and then he sat in my lap. My parents have been in Arkansas but after a long trip they headed back early today, but their phones were dead so they didn’t even have a clue till they got home and charged up their phones.

I did call the ER back and talked to the dr. to get some more details since I didn’t get to see the x-rays. She said that it’s not a bad break and really not even a hairline fracture. She said that it is more like a dent on the tibia below the knee. She said she would expect that the ortho will keep Jason in the splint for several weeks and surgery won’t be needed. I guess we will learn more tomorrow when we hopefully get in with the ortho.

My take on it all is this could have happened anywhere and the biggest lesson learned is that you can’t protect your kids from everything because life happens. Ashley feels awful because the trampoline was the gift from her. I told her not to worry about it. He has taken bigger jumps off the couch and harder falls on the sidewalk walking…he has been to playgrounds, water slides, in pools….it could have been anything anywhere! I am sure this won’t be our last accident, but in the meantime we are going to get our little man up and running again in no time! It might be a long next few weeks though...wish us luck!